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Phoebe & Friends

To be a woman called to ministry is a powerful and beautiful thing.

Did you know there are many women listed in the Bible as ministers of different kinds? From apostles to pastors to evangelists and bible teachers and so on women played a vital role in the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

One of our favorites, Phoebe, was entrusted by the Apostle Paul to take the letter to the Romans to the church in Rome. "Romans," as we now refer to this priceless text, would go on to become a favorite book of the Bible for centuries. Phoebe was literally entrusted with the gospel of Jesus Christ! 


Phoebe's friends, women like Junia, Syntyche, Priscilla, and others played integral roles in the building and formation of the church. 

God has called modern day "Phoebes" and her friends to move the Kingdom of God forward and

what is Phoebe and friends?

it is an amazing time to be a woman in the body of Christ. However, it is hard to find good mentoring and coaching for women ministers that is by women for women.


That's where we come in. Phoebe & Friends is a 12 week coaching group to help you identify obstacles and obliterate them so you can become all God has called and commissioned you to become. You will hear interviews from powerful women ministers of various kinds, receive personal prayer and encouragement, as well as opportunity to encourage and champion other women like you. 


Sound like something you need? Fill out our interest form! 

Phoebe & Friends registration is currently closed. It will open again in 2022. Join our mailing list to stay updated on the next enrollment opening.

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